High temperature Film glue for Alumminum

Item No.: GMT0101
Thie film glue can be double release paper attached,use for heat transfer print,textile lamination etc.
Operation Instructions

Main use for woven tape/Webbing, Embroidery,Emblem stick,Armlet lamination,Fabric lamination,also well adhere aluminum products,bitumen sheets laminations,diamond decorations to textile and other products.

  1. First 100OC-130OC pressure on back of embroidery&Emblem,then 30OC-180OC pressure for lamination
  2. Pressure strength: 0.5-3kg/cm2
  3. Pressure time: First pressure to back 3-8S,the second lamination 5-20S.

  Width 10-1500MM,100Y/Roll,Or 200Y/Roll.Thickness can be 0.06MM~0.30MM for your option

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