High temperature resistant glue stick

Item No.: GH101
This Item can withstand temperature 150℃,UL94V0 level,hot sale for Automobiles, such as Wire fixing,Component bonding Fiber bonding; Electronics / Electrical Industry,such as Fixing and filling of PCB components, Electronic appliance etc.
Operation Instructions

  1) Automobiles: Heat resistant glue, Wire fixing,Component bonding Fiber bonding

  2) Electronics / Electrical Industry: UL94V0 Halogen-free hot melt glue stick/ Electronic components fixing/ Planar and jumper cable fixing/ filling,Power supplies, Audio, Printers, Air conditioners, Refrigerators, Medical machines, Fixing and filling of PCB components, such as capacitors, inductors, coils, cables, jumpers

  3) Low-pressure injection forming: sealing, cable, cell phone battery, connector, which has very good performance at electronic insulation and humidity and dust resistance

  1) UL94V0 anti-flaming

  2) High Temperature Resistant(150℃)

  3) Excellent Dielectric property of Electric Appliance

  Use 100-150W glue gun

  25KG/Carton,seal with silver bag.

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