Withstand high temperature melt granule

Item No.: GHJ2401
This Item is special for Automobiles: such as Wire fixing,Component bonding Fiber bonding; Electronics / Electrical Industry,such as Fixing and filling of PCB components
Operation Instruction

  ♦ Automobiles: Heat resistant glue, Wire fixing,Component bonding Fiber bonding

  ♦ Electronics / Electrical Industry: UL94V0 Halogen-free hot melt glue stick/ Electronic components fixing/ Planar and jumper cable fixing/ filling,Power supplies, Audio, Printers, Air conditioners, Refrigerators, Medical machines, Fixing and filling of PCB components, such as capacitors, inductors, coils, cables, jumpers

  ♦ Low-pressure injection forming: sealing, cable, cell phone battery, connector, which has very good performance at electronic insulation and humidity and dust resistance

  ♦ High adhesion strength and wide bonding materials

  ♦ UL94V0 anti-flaming

  ♦ High Temperature Resistant(120℃)

  ♦ Excellent Dielectric property of Electric Appliance

  Automatic machine,hot melt glue glove,spray

  ★ Surface to be bonded should be clean,dry,free of loose particles.Wipe plastic and metal surfaces with solvent(eg.Acetone)
  ★ Smooth surfaces are more difficult to adhere than rough,or porous surfaces.
  ★ Joint as quickly as possible for keeping optimum binding strength.
  ★ Apply firm pressure and do not adjust joint has been made.
  ★ If substrates could be pre-warmed to 60℃ at least,eg metal surfaces,the stronger bond strengths will be achieved.
  ★ Opening and Curing time will changing along with the changes of Temperature Glue,Coating,Environmental
  ★ Melt System with high temperature,In order to avoid scald,please put on protective goggles and gloves when operation,do not use hand to touch.If scald,please put scald place immersion in water at least ten minutes,then go to hospital for further treatment.
  ★ General hot melt glue achieve around 50% bond strength after 1 minute,and 75% strength after 1 hour.
  ★ Cleaning equipments: Can ask help for equipment suppliers,Or use mineral oil,or palaffin under the temperature 120℃,then wash with prefessinal abluent of hot melt glue under 150℃.

  25KG/Bag,also can been customized pack

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  3) If the quantity is more than 2000KG,will deliver the goods within 10 workdays after payment
  Remarks: If any urgent need,will be discussed for more details according the reality.
  Payment terms:   T/T,if other terms will been discussed for more details and confirmations.

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